HUNZA STORY Documentary

Watch Hunza Story Teaser on Vimeo HUNZA STORY Website A young traveler, a beginner photographer and a bored student on vacations is out on a trip to explore the culture, the sights and people of the famous, Hunza. This travel log shows the land from the travelers perspective and how he deciphers the different cultural norms and ethics and how he meets locals and gains knowledge about the lands. HUNZZ.jpg Hunza is an isolated land in the northern Pakistan and this is the main reason it is still able to hold on to its cultures and tradition, That is also the reason that it is one of the top tourist destinations in Pakistan. This story / travel log shows us a different angle of Hunza, It shows us the sights, faces and cultures through an uncommon perspective of a traveler / tourist who is new to Hunza. What he thinks, what inspires him and how he experiences are some of the main concepts that are shown. The experience of filming in northern Pakistan was a really good and adventurous experience. We literally went backpacking in this one. We pooled in just enough money to cover our food expenses. For lodging we had our own tent and sleeping bags and to tackle the transport expenses we took lifts from any passing vehicle e,g trucks, dumpers, vans, buses, local private cars. We wouldn’t be able to complete our journey if it wasn’t for the hospitable and helpful people of Hunza. Directed by Arsal Shafa


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