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  • the place to be

    Ask any traveler who has been in Pakistan about the Hunza valley and you'll see his face shining. Karimadad Inn is a great and peaceful place to stay, you going to meet some independent travelers who got stuck here for weeks, inspired by Rakapochi, this huge peak in front of you when you chilling in the backyard. Kalimabad is an excellent base if you like trekking and an excellent base if you like short walk and easy life. The food here is excellent, and the atmosphere and the people are at the image of the people of north Pakistan: warm and welcoming.
    So, don't you worry about your staying in Hunza, you've got the address...

    Thanks so much to Hussein for is happiness and his more than tasty cuisine!!
    Thank you too Yoko as well for this new website:-)

    Peace, Nick.

    Nick on 2011.06.11 Sat 21:26 | URL | [Edit]
  • Hi, the hotel restaurant is one of the best places in city where to eat, fully recomended.

    Michal on 2011.06.12 Sun 15:32 | URL | [Edit]
  • ホテルのスタッフはみんな親切で、1週間だけ滞在するつもりが、

    shota on 2011.06.23 Thu 19:54 | URL | [Edit]
  • 추천합니다!

    돈을 좀더 들이면 더 좋은 숙소를 찾을 수도 있겠으나 카리마바드 인은 여러모로 오랜 기간 머무르기 좋습니다. 일단 머무는 동안 친절한 삼형제에게서 이런저런 도움을 많이 받을 수 있고, 특히 후세인이 만들어 주는 한국 음식이나 여타 다른 요리는 감히 훈자 최고라고 말하고 싶습니다.

    YOON on 2011.07.21 Thu 18:57 | URL | [Edit]
  • showa set atan kako mashallh

    babela kako hussain aram bela showa atan mashallah

    qasim baig on 2011.08.10 Wed 11:36 | URL | [Edit]
  • while I stay there

    It was so nice during staying karimabad inn last spring. I could even see fantastic view when I just got up in the morning through the window. When it comes to food, it was the best. They cook even everything you want as long as they can get the ingredients. It's like a family.
    Especially, I miss Aslam's milk tea. I can show you the room I stayed..

    jaejoon ka on 2011.08.11 Thu 19:11 | URL | [Edit]
  • Comment is pending approval.

    Comment is pending blog author's approval.

    on 2011.11.30 Wed 12:39 | URL | [Edit]
  • 카리마바드 인 홈페이지가 생겼네요~ ㅎ

    몇년전 카리마바드 인 'karimabad inn' 호텔에서
    정말 많은 도움을 받으면서 2달 가까이 살았는데
    우연히 구글에서 검색을 하다가 이 홈페이지에 대해서 알게 되었어요
    그래서 이곳에 추천 글을 남기게 되었습니다
    저도 인도에서 이집트까지 10개월간 육로로 이동하면서
    여러 나라와 여러 호텔을 거치면서 다녔지만
    카리마바드에서 이곳 호텔만큼 친절한 써비스와 저렴한 가격으로
    편안하게 지낼수 있는곳도 없을 만큼 아주 괜찮은 곳입니다
    특히나 이 호텔의 주방장 '후세인'의 음식 솜씨는
    아마 파키스탄 최고라고 해도 좋을 정도로 정말 대단해서
    일본 메뉴와 현지 메뉴 뿐만 아니라
    한국 메뉴인 파전이나 감자전 김치 볶음밥과 김치 볶음면까지..
    완벽하게 만들어 드립니다
    그중에 'Korean Chicken Mancholian'이라고 적혀 있는게
    바로 양념통닭인데 양념소스가 정말 맛있어요
    이제 곧 살구꽃이 피는 시즌이 다가오면
    많은 여행자분들이 훈자를 방문할텐데
    많이 이용해 주시구 혹시 부족한 부분이 있다면
    '후세인'이나 '아슬란'에게 말씀하셔서 도움 받도록 하세요
    A few years ago, I was stay in 'karimabad inn'
    I lived close to 2 months
    The hotel is clean and really comfortable when I was there
    The hotel Chef 'Hussein'
    His is very excellent cooking skills
    Japan, Korea and Western menu,
    he can make all the menu

    I think he is the best cook in Pakistan

    recommend the menu 'Korean Chicken Mancholian'
    I really miss K.C.M :)
    A little while..Apricot blossoms season nears
    Many travelers will visit Hunza
    God bless you.

    young on 2012.03.08 Thu 01:43 | URL | [Edit]
  • We miss you all!

    Are you all fine?
    How is the construction work going? Almost finished?

    I uploaded a post on my blog about Krimabad Inn.

    It is written in Korea, but you will be able to translate it
    through Google (though awkward).

    I am going to restart the journey on Mat 28 from Delhi.
    Then Iran, Armenia, Georgia, Turkey....
    It will take time to complete(Inshala :-) but I will surely come back yo Hunza.

    Till then, be happy and healthy!

    Hoon & Hee on 2013.05.18 Sat 07:37 | URL | [Edit]
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    Comment is pending blog author's approval.

    on 2014.03.06 Thu 16:05 | URL | [Edit]

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